Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Day in the Life Pictures

Hello all!  Here's a random smattering of pictures from our daily life.  We hope you enjoy the updates!

Hannah caught TWO fish on one hook!

Clara made herself a cozy little play area with her babies during school time.

Off to the pool (we have a pool in our complex).

Clara sporting her new sunglasses.

Everyone in their new sunglasses!

Hanny in hers...

Clara says "They are NOT upside down!".

The girls swinging at the park.  Teamwork!

Hanny looking sweet.
Hannah and Mommy had a girls night out, getting our hair cut (her first ever professional cut), and afterward we went to eat.  She had a pretty great time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

We had an absolutely lovely Memorial Day.  The weather was amazing, the activity was fun and low-key, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  We enjoyed the freedom, and discussed how thankful we are for those who gave all through their sacrifice to secure such liberties.  May we never forget.

Getting the canoe in the water!

Sorry it's's my high-tech, high-cost waterproof cover (a ziplock bag).  ;)

She's telling me that something lived inside there.

There were little islands for us to canoe to, and the first one had a rocky beach, which was perfect for throwing rocks into the water!

Daddy and the boys.

Will and Jadon went out on their own for the FIRST time!  They did great!  Another great thing about this location is that the water was 2-2.5 feet, so we knew if they had issues, not only could we swim out to them, we could even walk out, AND they could stand if they flipped.  It was a pretty perfect setup for a first time trip without an adult in the canoe with them.

Jadon decided to brave a trip on HIS OWN!

Will was such a gentleman, taking Hannah out on a tour on his own.

We canoed back to the main area to take a playground and lunch break.

Daddy cooking up the meat!  Yum!

There were many osprey nests in the area, which was pretty fun to observe.  We like nature study.  There were two birds in this nest that looked to be tending to possibly babies inside the nest.

After lunch we canoed to a little peninsula that had a sandy beach.

The girls thought burying Daddy's feet was great fun.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jiu Jitsu Competition

Recently the boys took part in a jiu jitsu competition.  They have been learning jiu jitsu for just around a year now, and this is the second competition in which they have competed.  They both fought tremendously, and we are very proud of them.  We saw a huge increase in their ability since the last competition (around 6ish months prior), so that was very exciting.  Will was able to walk away with 2 medals...3rd place in each division (gi and no gi).  They both worked super hard and put up stellar fights until the end of the match time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cute Children

Here's some more random cute children pics. :)

Just another day at school.  ;)

Hannah was being silly behind Clara while I took these pics.

Drawing class...they drew a race car.  Jadon's drawings are always quite small compared to the amount of space he has.

Will cut his out.  

Yogurt hair.

Hanny got new glasses!

Another day hard at work in school.  ;)

Beans and rice are a family favorite!