Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cute Children

Here's some more random cute children pics. :)

Just another day at school.  ;)

Hannah was being silly behind Clara while I took these pics.

Drawing class...they drew a race car.  Jadon's drawings are always quite small compared to the amount of space he has.

Will cut his out.  

Yogurt hair.

Hanny got new glasses!

Another day hard at work in school.  ;)

Beans and rice are a family favorite!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gray and White Belt

Recently in jiu jitsu, Will and Jadon earned their gray and white belt.  This is the first belt after white for them.  Before this belt they had to earn 4 stripes on their white belt, so it took a considerable amount of time, roughly around a year.  They were pretty excited, as were we.  Next is the solid gray belt, which they will have to test for.  They are enjoying themselves and learning some great skills, along with how perseverance pays. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fun times!

Here's a few recent pics of children. Because they are cute, and growing, and fun.  ;)

Clara love pbj.

The boys had to draw maps of our house for geography.

The children visited Daddy's stateroom on the ship.

Because we like to see if we can all fit on one couch.  ;)

Will made himself some muscles.  :)

Friday, March 30, 2018

Clara Loves to Write

So, all of Clara's older siblings are homeschooled daily, and because of this, I find that she wants to do, and does some things earlier than every other child has/did.  One of these things is write.  She LOVES to get a pencil and write on whatever she can (books included!).  Evidence to follow...

Here's her temporary work station.  She's better now, so the tape isn't necessary anymore.  :)

She also loves putting on stickers, of course.

I love these.  She set herself up a little work station.  She would tap on a few letters on the keyboard and then do some writing, and repeat.  Smarty.

More sticker fun.

: )

Monday, September 4, 2017

Jamestown Settlement

One of the cool historic sites here in Virginia is the Jamestown Settlement.  It's pretty cool that we lived in New England and were able to see many historic sites there and now a little further down the coast, we can explore even more history.  :)  Also, they are great homeschool field trips!  ;)

Waiting to go view a short film about Jamestown.

Daddy sharing what he has read.  :)  Love this shot.

Old-time darts type game where you throw a corn cob arrow through the hoop.

The boys on a little canoe trip.  ;)