Friday, October 29, 2010

Rear Window View

Recently a friend of ours made Will a beautiful wood stool.  We immediately put it to use.  Will LOVES looking out the window at the world and people as they go by.  He previously stood on his tiptoes to see out, but as you can see the stool raises him to just the right level.  He quickly realized this stool is his best tool as when he went away from the window he took it with him.  When he returned he scooted it up to the wall himself, climbed up, and gazed out his rear window. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cleaning Out The Cabinets

Will loves to get into the kitchen cabinets, as many toddlers do.  He has one cabinet in particular that is "his" cabinet.  It is the skinniest cabinet I have in which I put cookie sheets and cutting boards and such. Well the other day he had the whole cabinet cleared out and had climbed into it so far that I could have shut him in.  By the time I got the camera he was out a little, but still in enough to give you an idea of the situation.  :)
Not sure what those wet spots on his pants were...most likely drool or water.

Here's everything he "cleaned" out.  By this time he was getting excited about the camera, and was climbing out to see it.

This one cracks me up, because he's cracking up.

Monday, October 18, 2010


A while back Carl and I ran a half-marathon in Plymouth, to Plymouth Rock.  After the race we visited Plymouth.  We had a great time.  One discovery we made is that Plymouth Rock is actually not that big.  We visited the Mayflower replica and Plimouth Plantation (old school spelling, I believe).  It was awesome!  It is a "live" museum, I think that's what it's called anyhow.  They have built a replica of the original Plymouth, with actors who play the part of original settlers, accents and all.  There is also a Wampanoag Homesite.  It's pretty cool and I think we will be returning there before we leave MA.  I apologize...this post is kind of picture heavy.  :)

Carl and I after the race eating complimentary race burgers. :)

Plymouth Rock monument.

The best picture we have of the rock, not of Will.  ;)  It was an early morning for this sweet baby.  Thankfully Gma Dee was visiting, so she watched Will while we ran.

Aboard the Mayflower II.

Below decks.  Will was sleeping.  As I was an early morning.  :)

Wampanoag hut.

Boat carved out of a tree trunk.

Plimouth Plantation.

Inside a house on the Plantation.

The "settlers" had just finished lunch, and the chickens decided they needed some too. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Touring Boston

We had some friends visit this past weekend, and with them toured Boston.  We had a great time revisiting a few sites and seeing some others for the first time.
This is the USS Constitution, aka: Old Ironsides.

Up on deck.

Our dear friends.

The "sleeping" quarters below deck.  I guess the swaying of the boat might rock you to sleep.  :)

Paul Revere's house.

The steeple of the Old North Church, where the lantern was hung to warn the colonists about the British approach.  In the foreground is a statue of one of the riders of that night, I believe. 

While our friend visited the Old North Church, we decided to relax and let Will roam in the courtyard while our friends visited the church.

As you can see, Will enjoyed his free roaming time. : )

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Day at the Orchard

I apologize for the lag in posting...Will and I were on vacation and between that, working, returning home, a family cold (we spread it to each other) and getting re-settled, it's been a bit hectic.  :)  Today we were filling a bit better, and thought it would be fun to get Will outside, so we took him to an apple orchard, and we had  a great time!  Though we didn't actually buy any apples, we had fun perusing the apple trees and playing in the hay maze.  The orchard had several activities for little ones, including a hay maze for munchkins, only stacked 2 bales high.  Will LOVED it!  he loves to "run" around outsides, especially with other kids around.  He laughed and grinned from ear to ear just seeing the kids climbing and running around.  After our playing, we celebrated our fun with apple doughnuts and cold apple cider to drink.  Anyhow, less talk, more pictures.  :)
Will took off into the hay maze without fear!  :)

Running from Daddy.

Will wasn't too keen on slowing down for full-on face shots, so these are the best I got.  :)

"Driving" the tractor...sorry Grandpa, it's a John Deere.  ;)

Out in the orchard.
I thought this was's almost like he's hiding behind a bush, as he is mesmerized by the people and all the action ahead of him.

Playing amongst the fallen apples.

Will found these two apples on the ground (the least rotted of the ground apples) and carried them around until we left.

Snuggling w/his two favorite apples.  He was pretty tired by this time, as you can tell by his zoned out look.

Here's a quick video of Will and his apples.  He made a little game with them by throwing them ahead of where he was walking, then going to pick them up again.  Funny boy.
Just a quick fun one of Will walk/running.