Friday, May 18, 2012


I have recently opened a shop on Etsy called "One of a Kind Knits" featuring knits for the whole family and today is my GRAND OPENING!!  If you would like to check out my shop it is here:  If you are already a member on Etsy, you can "favorite" my shop to follow new stocking.  If not, you can "like" my page on Facebook: and leave a comment to be entered into a free drawing.  When my "likes" reach 100 I am going to do a drawing for a FREE giveaway!  The winner will get to choose a small bunny for their prize.  Additionally, all that "like" my page will receive a code for free shipping in my shop now through the month of June.  Below are a few pictures of items in my shop.  I LOVE to knit, and put love into the items that I create and am excited to share that love with you all.  :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Patriot's Day Battle

Patriot's Day is a Massachusetts holiday on which they commemorate the anniversary of the beginning battles of the Revolutionary War.  We live very close to Battle Road Trail, running from Lexington to Concord,  where some of the skirmishes of the war took place.  Anyhow, on Patriot's Day we went and watched the reenactments of the battle along Battle Road Trail.  Specifically we were first located at the "bloody angle" for any history buffs.  We were located right at the beginning, so were the first to see the British marching up.  It was pretty cute, as Will saw them coming through the woods and started yelling: "They're coming!  They're coming!".  Just call him Paul.  Anyhow, here's a few pics and videos for the curious.  :)

That little drummer boy was pretty impressive.