Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Will's Birthday

Will and Jadon enjoying one of Will's birthday books from his grandparents.

The library happened to have a robot come visit on Will's birthday, so he got to drive this robot later, which was super cool for him (he loves robots)!

Opening his gift from Mom and Dad.  He was pretty excited about this umbrella...

but even MORE excited about this Bumblebee Transformer.

He really likes Transformers, as he has a few smaller ones and has read some books about them.  

Here's the aftermath of the pinata bursting.  :)

Lighting the cake proved harder than we thought on this breezy day!  He chose to have mommy try her hand at making a "Chase" birthday cake (from Paw Patrol), and then we had a just a round cake for extra.  He didn't want to put holes in Chase's face for the candles.  It was a fun day with some friends that we will soon be leaving for a new location.  It was so precious to be able to make those memories with them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Airport Field Trip

Earlier this summer we went with our homeschool co-op on an airport field trip.  The children were pretty excited.  They all love airplanes, and to see some small ones up close was pretty fun.  We even saw a few helicopters.  I wasn't able to snap many photos, but here are a few I did get.  :)

The children were so super excited to be able to sit in the cockpit of this plane.  For some reason Hannah REALLY wanted to go in the backseat, and I could not get her to turn away from looking at it during her time in there.  :)