Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maine's Maple Weekend

One of the cool things about living in Maine is that they have a weekend dedicated to celebrating maple!  :)  Loving maple syrup and farms as we do, we packed ourselves up and headed to the nearest sugarhouse to have ourselves a maple syrup sample, among other goodies involving maple.

Visiting the cows that haven't yet delivered their babies.  It's incredible how all the animals really do deliver in the spring…the farm was teaming with baby animals.

Some of the baby piglets.

Can't get a regular smile out of this crazy boy…just a pirate looking "argh" smile.  :)

Playing outside. 

Each boy got their face painted and are showing off their choices.  Will apparently thought he needed to kind of stretch his cheek to show his painting.  :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Creating A "Stomach"!

We have been "building our bodies" in our homeschool science time.  Each week we explore a different organ or area of our body, color the part and attach it to our paper body outlines (I'll share pictures of those later, once they're completed).  This week we learned about our digestive system and did a couple of hands-on activities to simulate different organs of our digestive system.  This is when we created our simulated stomach.  It's such an easy and great simulation, and the children love it because it's fun and gross (especially beautiful words to young boys!).  ;)

Here's some pictures…
Take a ziploc bag and add a cracker and a half piece of bread (our bags were sandwich size).

It's nearly impossible to get this boy to make a good smiling face and they were already preparing themselves for the gross part of the experiment.  :)

Jadon's gross face.

Add 1/2 cup vinegar to simulate stomach acid.  I liked using an acidic substitute, but water would work, just not as fast.

Mash the food around with the vinegar with your fingers to simulate the stomach muscle action.

Within minutes our food is mixed and mashed into bits and ready to go into our small intestines!  ;)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Winter Beach trip

Another cold beach trip, only this time we had Daddy and Missy, so the whole family was there.
This was just too adorable.  You can see Carl up there with Hannah on his back and Missy.  Back with me was Will and Jadon.  They are so good at always holding hands when asked.

Jadon is my best "smiler" for pictures at the moment.  Will is in that funny face stage and Hanny moves to quickly to get her smiling at me most of the time.  

Daddy explaining to the boys about sea glass.

This is a particularly rocky beach that we don't frequent, but it's the closest to walk to.

So precious!!