Monday, July 18, 2011


Will discovered how to jump last night, following Daddy's example while they were playing.  It was pretty exciting here (as you may imagine) and I took a few videos to share of our big boy conquering his latest physical feat.  :)  

He's still perfecting the landing, as you can see here.  :)

He never actually makes it off the ground in this one, but works his way toward me trying because he saw the camera.

He falls back and hits his head in this one, but it's very gentle...don't worry, no children were harmed in the filming of this video.  ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July---Boston Style!

This year we decided to do the 4th in Boston.  This is something we had to do once (and only once!) while we are here--celebrate Independence Day where it all began!  It was great.  We had lots of fun making wonderful memories and Will made it through the long day like a champ.  We headed out of our house at 8am and returned at 11:30pm.  Long day!  Here are a few pics and videos from the days events.  Watch the piccolo and drum colonial band video for sure...they were fabulous!
First thing we did was go to the parade.  Here we are at the parade start before it began.  We were able to walk in the back of the parade as it went.  The parade stopped along the way at the graveyard where John Hancock and other historic figures are buried and ended at the Old State House where the Declaration was first read and they read it again aloud.

This was the colonial band.  They were totally awesome!  
For lunch we went to the Coast Guard base where the USO put on a bbq for active military.  Among the things offered there was free cotton candy.  So Will got his first taste.  At first he wasn't so sure, but quickly caught on! :)

The USS Constitution actually went out for a cruise and here it is coming back.  Pretty fascinating site.  

Later we took a rest at an MIT quad.

During our break Will was counting "2, 3!" and jumping off his stroller.

This cracked me up...set up an ATM in the middle of the firework spectators.

We met some friends for the's the kiddos.

End of the day...Will was exhausted, but it was fun!