Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Long Good-bye

The first day of spring it snowed and snowed.  The ground had just began to reappear amongst the melting white mass left behind from our last big snowstorm.  Now, 4 days into spring it seems like winter will never leave, as the ground has once again gone into hiding (like that elusive lying groundhog!), that frigid wind is blowing, and the temperatures is back down into the 30's.  Of course, none of those things keep young boys from going out to play, and as I help my son strap on his snowsuit, I eagerly await days when it will only take 5 minutes, rather than 10 to 15 (or more) to get ready to go outside and play.  :)

The first day of spring.  :)  We ended up getting around 6 to 7 inches total.  

Will was having fun watching the snow fall.  It was quite beautiful, with big, full flakes slowly falling to the ground.  It truly looked like the inside of a snow globe.