Friday, August 28, 2015


We recently went camping in northern Maine and on the way decided to stop in Augusta for fun.  The children enjoyed visiting multiple parks, as well as the hotel (who doesn't love a hotel pool?!?).  :)

We stopped to visit Old Fort Western and here's Will working the lever to get the well water.

There was a lovely path along the river that led down to a fun park that the children really enjoyed.

Hanny and Will enjoying the hotel pool with daddy.

This was the second park that we visited that day.

Hannah kept laying down on the grass, playing "night night".  

The boys enjoying their big hotel bed.  Jadon was first under the mistaken impression that this whole bed was his bed...not sure where he thought mommy and daddy were going to sleep if he and Will both got their own bed.  ;)

Here's the silly obligatory travel selfie.  Jadon was pretending to be asleep.