Monday, December 12, 2011

Sewing Saturday

This Saturday I decided to set my knitting needles aside and focus on sewing some projects that have been on my "project list" for a while now (it's an ever growing list).  My serger needle had broken a while back and since it's pretty old I had to order more online.  So once they came in I decided it was time to mark a few things off my list!  I had fun and was very pleased with the outcome of my work!  I am not at all an accomplished seamstress and typically like to stick to simple sewing, with no real detailed patterns.  Having said this, I am addicted to the remnant bin at Jo-Ann Fabric, and that is the place I picked up all the materials I used for these projects, outside of the napkins.
I absolutely love cloth wipes and needed some more.  These are made out of flannel and are double-sided.

This and the next are a couple of several blankets I made for gifts.  Each has a side of fleece and a side of soft, cuddly material for little hands and faces.

Cloth napkins I fashioned out of old tablecloths that we never use.

All of my day's work.  :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Major Leaguer?

We have found that Will is pretty good at hitting the ball with his bat, but have been unsuccessful at catching him on video until today.  Most often he sees the camera and loses all focus on anything else.  :)  Here's a couple of fun videos of him hitting balls.  He hasn't mastered the two-handed swing yet, as you will see.