Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Helper

Recently we visited friends of ours that are currently located in Rhode Island.  They have a little boy that is 6 months younger than Will.  He and Will play well together and at one point Will decided he would "help" his little friend eat his snack.  Pretty cute.
The raisins were located on the highchair tray, so Will would climb up the step stool to grab a raisin.
Then he would climb down while little Ronnie anxiously awaited.
Then he would give his adorable little buddy his treat.  :)

He actually was doing this without my prompting, but once he saw the camera he thought he needed to bring the raisin over to show me.  That's why I tell him what to do with it.  Note that he says "Aaahhh" to Ronnie as he gives him the raisin, apparently hoping to prompt him to open his mouth.  I must have done this to him in times past.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Boot Camp

Will has started doing "push-ups" with Daddy lately.  Here he's showing off his push-up muscles.  :)  Sorry the angle isn't the best on the first one...he tends to stop when he realizes the camera is watching.
This next one shows Will using Daddy's punching mitts. He has since done more "exercising" with them and thinks it great fun.  :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Little Parrot

Will has really started to come out with a lot of words lately.  Aunt Hope was visiting last week, and she was able to magically make him say basically anything.  Since then he has started using his words proactively and repeating more often.  I wanted to get his words on video, so here is our latest best effort.  He says "Night-night" and "doggy" funny on here.  Typically he says these words much clearer, but hey, he did great.  :)
You have to excuse my camera drop on this next one.  Also, Will spaces out for a bit (this was taken right before nap time), but the best part is right at the beginning...he keeps squinting because he is waiting for the camera to flash.  Too funny.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting Great-Grandma

While we were in Arizona Will got to meet his Great-Grandma for the first time.  Incidentally this was also the first time that she has gotten to meet a great-grandchild as well (though she has others).  Following this visit, she also got to meet two other great-grandson's, so she had a big Christmas!  It was wonderful to get to spend time with her and the rest of our family in AZ over Christmas.
Will, Great-Grandma, Daddy, and Pops.

Will and his two Grandma's!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Over our Christmas vacation Will started to feed himself with utensils.  He specifically started feeding himself oatmeal in the morning.  So, here's a video of one of him beginning to perfect his eating skills.  He has since become much more efficient and not quite as messy.  He now feeds himself anything he can pick up with a spoon.  He can use a fork as well, but we don't yet have any child forks, and even our big forks are still too big for his use (if we want him to keep both his eyes).  : )  
Sorry about the background noise.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Upon arriving home from our Christmas vacation, we discovered about 2 feet of snow on the ground here.  We have been waiting for snow in order to take Will sledding.  We have an awesome sledding hill in the back of our house...I mean PERFECT for sledding!  So, we took Will out to sled.  It was lots of fun for both him and us.  He would grin and giggle the whole way down, as did we.  Great fun for sure.
Will was all bundled.  He stayed warm and dry, but he was a bit like a little turtle when he fell on his back. :)
Daddy and Will getting ready to sled down the hill.
Daddy rigging Will up on the sled.  After we went down a few times each with him, we let him go down by himself and he loved it!  Of course we put him on a lower part of the hill, so it wasn't quite as fast or as far as we went with him.

Will and mama sledding.

Will sledding like a big boy on his own.