Friday, January 14, 2011

My Little Parrot

Will has really started to come out with a lot of words lately.  Aunt Hope was visiting last week, and she was able to magically make him say basically anything.  Since then he has started using his words proactively and repeating more often.  I wanted to get his words on video, so here is our latest best effort.  He says "Night-night" and "doggy" funny on here.  Typically he says these words much clearer, but hey, he did great.  :)
You have to excuse my camera drop on this next one.  Also, Will spaces out for a bit (this was taken right before nap time), but the best part is right at the beginning...he keeps squinting because he is waiting for the camera to flash.  Too funny.

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Joy said...

LOVE it! Those are quite precious! Levi doesn't say much yet. He is too smart for his own good though. Will is a sweet feller! Sure hope to get to see you all again one day. :) Love ya and miss you!