Sunday, January 2, 2011


Upon arriving home from our Christmas vacation, we discovered about 2 feet of snow on the ground here.  We have been waiting for snow in order to take Will sledding.  We have an awesome sledding hill in the back of our house...I mean PERFECT for sledding!  So, we took Will out to sled.  It was lots of fun for both him and us.  He would grin and giggle the whole way down, as did we.  Great fun for sure.
Will was all bundled.  He stayed warm and dry, but he was a bit like a little turtle when he fell on his back. :)
Daddy and Will getting ready to sled down the hill.
Daddy rigging Will up on the sled.  After we went down a few times each with him, we let him go down by himself and he loved it!  Of course we put him on a lower part of the hill, so it wasn't quite as fast or as far as we went with him.

Will and mama sledding.

Will sledding like a big boy on his own.

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