Saturday, January 8, 2011


Over our Christmas vacation Will started to feed himself with utensils.  He specifically started feeding himself oatmeal in the morning.  So, here's a video of one of him beginning to perfect his eating skills.  He has since become much more efficient and not quite as messy.  He now feeds himself anything he can pick up with a spoon.  He can use a fork as well, but we don't yet have any child forks, and even our big forks are still too big for his use (if we want him to keep both his eyes).  : )  
Sorry about the background noise.  


Renee said...

That IS one bright left handed kid!

The Broxton's said...

Way to Go Will! He is doing such a good job!!!!! Bud has been 'leaning' how to eat with spoon/forks. We bought some plastic ones from ikea that are Awesome =)