Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Helper

Recently we visited friends of ours that are currently located in Rhode Island.  They have a little boy that is 6 months younger than Will.  He and Will play well together and at one point Will decided he would "help" his little friend eat his snack.  Pretty cute.
The raisins were located on the highchair tray, so Will would climb up the step stool to grab a raisin.
Then he would climb down while little Ronnie anxiously awaited.
Then he would give his adorable little buddy his treat.  :)

He actually was doing this without my prompting, but once he saw the camera he thought he needed to bring the raisin over to show me.  That's why I tell him what to do with it.  Note that he says "Aaahhh" to Ronnie as he gives him the raisin, apparently hoping to prompt him to open his mouth.  I must have done this to him in times past.

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Amanda said...

He is such a cute kid! Don't you just love being a mommy? It is such a blessing in so many ways!