Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cowans Gap

Recently we went to Pennsylvania to spend some time out in the middle of the woods.  We were in the middle of nowhere, with no TV, no Internet, and only an iffy cell phone connection.  It was wonderful!  We watched some movies, played outside (a lot), read books, and just enjoyed time together as a family.  So, my next few posts will likely be regarding things we did on this trip.  First I thought I'd put a few pictures of Cowans Gap State Park, where we went to have a picnic.  It was a particularly blustery and cold day that day, so we didn't sit still long. It was absolutely gorgeous.  The water was so beautifully clear.  See for yourself...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

T-Shirt Necklace

I made my first t-shirt necklace today.  My friend had one on the other day her sister-in-law made and I immediately wanted to make one.  So at the thrift store the other day I found a suitable shirt and today made it up!  I like it, but would also like to try another one and possibly a children's shirt for a shorter length necklace or maybe just a smaller adult shirt that stretches less.  Now I will be scouring my closet for old t-shirts!  :)  So, here it is!  If you would like to try this yourself, you can find the tutorial here.

Here was my original shirt:
 And the end result:

You may notice I took a couple strips that I thought were too long and wrapped them around my wrist for a matching "bracelet".

Here I took a strip from the sleeve of the shirt and looped it around the necklace to make a "tie" look that I thought was kind of fun.  :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Will recently learned how to do a somersault, which is highly entertaining.  :)  He has to bend over and at the same time launch himself with his little legs, as from only a standing/bent over position he doesn't produce enough power to go over (he goes sideways).  So here are a few videos for the grandparents (and anyone else who cares to watch ;) ).  You can tell we get a little excited about these things.  ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Few Videos

I have been terribly lazy in my blogging and for that I apologize and will try to be more on top of things.  :)  I have a few videos of Will to share today for those who would like to see our beautiful, precious growing blessing of a boy.  :)

First we have him reciting his current memory verse.  We try to work on memory verses at home outside of any he is learning in Sunday school.  We want him to grow up rooted in the Word of God so have started  to help him hide it in his heart.  I have just started with partial verses for now.  I give you my word that I DID NOT coach him through this video though he really looks like he is waiting for me to say the next word.  I think he was just concentrating and searching for the next word.

In this next one he is singing "Doe, A Deer" from "The Sound of Music".  I love how he says "soap" instead of "so".  Funny boy.  Please excuse the coughing.  He is coming down with a cold.  I really feel like he is much clearer when he talks rather than sings, but I think you can get the gist of what he is saying.  I guess another contributor is that he is not 100% sure of all the words.  :)

Then we have silly Will and the singing of "Itsy Bitsy Spider".