Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Will recently learned how to do a somersault, which is highly entertaining.  :)  He has to bend over and at the same time launch himself with his little legs, as from only a standing/bent over position he doesn't produce enough power to go over (he goes sideways).  So here are a few videos for the grandparents (and anyone else who cares to watch ;) ).  You can tell we get a little excited about these things.  ;)


Jenny said...

So adorable!! Love hearing you guys get all excited about it. Sounds like you are being wonderful parents... it means a lot to them when you pay attention and get excited like that! Thanks for sharing!! Loved it!!

Jenny said...
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Emily's Posts said...

Your little man is so adorable!!! He is getting so big and is such a smart and happy boy! We sure do miss you all!!!!!!!!! It would be so fun to be able to get our little guys together! Love ya!