Monday, October 11, 2010

Touring Boston

We had some friends visit this past weekend, and with them toured Boston.  We had a great time revisiting a few sites and seeing some others for the first time.
This is the USS Constitution, aka: Old Ironsides.

Up on deck.

Our dear friends.

The "sleeping" quarters below deck.  I guess the swaying of the boat might rock you to sleep.  :)

Paul Revere's house.

The steeple of the Old North Church, where the lantern was hung to warn the colonists about the British approach.  In the foreground is a statue of one of the riders of that night, I believe. 

While our friend visited the Old North Church, we decided to relax and let Will roam in the courtyard while our friends visited the church.

As you can see, Will enjoyed his free roaming time. : )


Amanda said...

What a great place to live!!!! That is one of the many places I hope to visit in my lifetime!

The Broxton's said...

I ALWAYS Loved visiting this area. My favorite is Plymouth!

Jenny B. said...

Oh I love Plymouth too! We visited there a while back, but not sure if I got pictures...I'll have to check and see. Thanks for reminding me Jeanne! :)