Friday, October 29, 2010

Rear Window View

Recently a friend of ours made Will a beautiful wood stool.  We immediately put it to use.  Will LOVES looking out the window at the world and people as they go by.  He previously stood on his tiptoes to see out, but as you can see the stool raises him to just the right level.  He quickly realized this stool is his best tool as when he went away from the window he took it with him.  When he returned he scooted it up to the wall himself, climbed up, and gazed out his rear window. 


Joy said...

Jenny, that is SO precious! And being in MA this time of year, there has to be a BEAUTIFUL view from that
window. It is so beautiful up there. I can still remember the air of Fall in New England. There isn't a place that I have been since that duplicates it. I love it!!
Thank you for sharing the pictures. He is a real cutie. Levi was enjoying seeing him as well. :)
Love you guys!!

The Broxton's said...

O I love that stool! it looks So nice and sturdy!! I can not believe how big he is getting!! He is such a handsome boy.

Faith for Hope said...

He's so adorable!It looks like he's waiting for Daddy! :) I know I've been a stranger for a while .. now I get to catch up! :) Miss you guys a lot.
Grace Potvin and the rest of the crew