Monday, November 1, 2010

Swim Lessons

Recently we started swim lessons with Will.  They have them available on the base here for a reasonable price.  Will learning to swim is high on our priority list, as we know that his comfort level and ability in the water could very well save his life one day.  Especially moving all of the time and most likely by the water, it is likely that he will grow up swimming.  Anyhow, at his age it's really a lot of familiarization and getting comfortable in the water.  It's lots of fun, as Will loves it and is always very vocal about his enjoyment.  :)  This last time Carl was able to go, so he got in the water with Will while I took some pictures and video. Just prior to the swim lesson start Will and Daddy were playing outside of the pool on the concrete and poor Will fell and scraped his face, as you will see.
My boys preparing for their swim lesson. :)

Will waiting to "jump" off the side.  As you can tell, he is easily distracted.  :)

Here's the part during "Ring Around the Rosie" when all the kids fall "up" (not down).  As you can tell, this is one of Will's favorite parts.  He always lets out a joyous yell.

Playing in the water at the side.

And a quick video for all the grandparents (and anyone else who would like to see).  It's during the toss in the air.  You can distinctly hear Will's excited yell.  :)

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