Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've been unsuccessfully trying to get video of Will chattering.  It's very hard to get video of him w/out him noticing the camera.  He's pretty observant.  I'll continue to try, but in the meantime here are some recent pictures and videos of Will playing.  :)
Obviously not Will's best picture, but it's the clearest.  He decided that he needed to pull one of the storage tubs off his toy rack (on the left side of the pic) and sit in it.  That spoon is one of his favorite "toys".

He started anticipating the flash... :)

Still getting ready for that flash...

Here's Will playing w/his toy microwave.  He's not really chattering so much as just making noise.  :)

Here's Will sitting in his favorite chair.  He was "reading" his book, until he saw the camera.  You can tell by his faces that he again, seeing the camera, starts to anticipate the flash that never comes.  So funny.  Silly boy.

Last one.  Will playing peek-a-boo for a second.  He quits pretty quickly after seeing the camera.


The Broxton's said...

haha! I think it is so funny that kids love to play with mommy's 'toys' more then there own! LOL!!!!

it has been very hard for me to get a video of Bud without him knowing too!

Bud has also been playing peek-a-boo with anything he finds...blankets...clothes...books..so cute..all you have to say is 'where is obadiah'??

Will looks like he is getting SO Big!!! I hope Bud & him can meet & play one day!!!

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Sabrina said...

I'm trying to post a comment to your page to see if it works :) Cute videos of Will too!!