Monday, November 22, 2010


I was just looking through our posts for some pictures and realized I never posted any from our trip to Canada.  In August we went visited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with my grandparents, who were already in Canada.  I have always wanted to visit Nova Scotia and since we live so close we thought we'd go now, since we can drive, as it is likely we'll never go again.  We camped and had a wonderful visit with Will's great-grandparents on his first trip out of the country. :)  FYI, this is picture heavy.  :)
Will thought he could climb up the tent.  This was before he could walk.

Carl and Grandpa chatting at the campsite, which was still in the processes of being set up.

Will thought it necessary to ensure that rocks in Canada taste the same as rocks in the U.S.

Nova Scotia has some of the highest tides in the world, and you can watch them come in.  Here's Grandma in front of where we watched the tide come see behind her there's almost no water.

The tide is starting to come in behind us.

The tide is in.

Ferry to Prince Edward Island.

Campground on Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island.

We were amazed that they could farm all the way up to the salt water on Prince Edward Island.

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Jenny said...

Awwww.... I really miss those great people!! And I really miss all your stories that you shared with me about their farm, your family and your growing up years. Just seeing your grandma and grandpa again gave me such a smile on my face. Such great people. Thank you for sharing your photos!! Miss you!