Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Day at the Orchard

I apologize for the lag in posting...Will and I were on vacation and between that, working, returning home, a family cold (we spread it to each other) and getting re-settled, it's been a bit hectic.  :)  Today we were filling a bit better, and thought it would be fun to get Will outside, so we took him to an apple orchard, and we had  a great time!  Though we didn't actually buy any apples, we had fun perusing the apple trees and playing in the hay maze.  The orchard had several activities for little ones, including a hay maze for munchkins, only stacked 2 bales high.  Will LOVED it!  he loves to "run" around outsides, especially with other kids around.  He laughed and grinned from ear to ear just seeing the kids climbing and running around.  After our playing, we celebrated our fun with apple doughnuts and cold apple cider to drink.  Anyhow, less talk, more pictures.  :)
Will took off into the hay maze without fear!  :)

Running from Daddy.

Will wasn't too keen on slowing down for full-on face shots, so these are the best I got.  :)

"Driving" the tractor...sorry Grandpa, it's a John Deere.  ;)

Out in the orchard.
I thought this was's almost like he's hiding behind a bush, as he is mesmerized by the people and all the action ahead of him.

Playing amongst the fallen apples.

Will found these two apples on the ground (the least rotted of the ground apples) and carried them around until we left.

Snuggling w/his two favorite apples.  He was pretty tired by this time, as you can tell by his zoned out look.

Here's a quick video of Will and his apples.  He made a little game with them by throwing them ahead of where he was walking, then going to pick them up again.  Funny boy.
Just a quick fun one of Will walk/running.

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Amanda said...

He is so adorable! We try to make it to Leavenworth to the orchards there every year.... They are a lot of fun for the family!