Monday, October 18, 2010


A while back Carl and I ran a half-marathon in Plymouth, to Plymouth Rock.  After the race we visited Plymouth.  We had a great time.  One discovery we made is that Plymouth Rock is actually not that big.  We visited the Mayflower replica and Plimouth Plantation (old school spelling, I believe).  It was awesome!  It is a "live" museum, I think that's what it's called anyhow.  They have built a replica of the original Plymouth, with actors who play the part of original settlers, accents and all.  There is also a Wampanoag Homesite.  It's pretty cool and I think we will be returning there before we leave MA.  I apologize...this post is kind of picture heavy.  :)

Carl and I after the race eating complimentary race burgers. :)

Plymouth Rock monument.

The best picture we have of the rock, not of Will.  ;)  It was an early morning for this sweet baby.  Thankfully Gma Dee was visiting, so she watched Will while we ran.

Aboard the Mayflower II.

Below decks.  Will was sleeping.  As I was an early morning.  :)

Wampanoag hut.

Boat carved out of a tree trunk.

Plimouth Plantation.

Inside a house on the Plantation.

The "settlers" had just finished lunch, and the chickens decided they needed some too. :)


The Broxton's said...

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORTITE PLACES TO GO!!!!! It is SO good to 'see' it again!!!

Jenny B. said...

He, he! Glad to hear Jeanne. You actually reminded me of the pics in your last comment, so this post is kinda for you, I guess. :)