Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Residents of the "Mid-South"

Well, we have arrived in TN. Our address is Memphis, but we are on the outskirts. Some of my family came down and helped us unpack some. They were a great help! Apparently TN is part of the "mid-south", so we are now official residents of the mid-south. Carl thinks we'll surely pick up a mid-south accent, but I'm skeptical. We'll have to see. It is hot here, and a bit humid, quite a change from WA, but we are enjoying it. We visited Graceland (Elvis' home) this weekend, and I'll post pictures of that later, as well as photos of our home.

We visited a new church on Sunday, and it was about a 3 on our scale of 1-5. We know we won't find another Westside, but we feel we definitely need to keep searching beyond this one, so we appreciate any prayers for that. The name of this church was Eastside, so we were kind of bummed about it not being the best, because it would have been fun to say we went to Westside, and then changed over to Eastside.

I love our new home, Carl did a great job picking it out. We miss everyone in WA, but we'll keep in touch through the great blogosphere (sp?). ; )


Josh and Cindee said...

I'm so happy you are a blogger now! I knew Jenny would talk you into it sooner or later. I can't wait to see pics of your outing and especially your new home. I'm praying for you in your search for a church home. Love you and God bless!

Jenny said...

Oh I can't wait to see your new home! You last one was (is) so beautiful! Keep us posted too, if it sells so that we can rejoice with you! That would be so fun if you picked up the accent!! LOL Although I totally can't picture you talking that way...but it would be so cool nonetheless! Can't wait to see your new photos and read more posts! I love to read things you write.

Tom & Ape said...

Hey! Glad you guy made it ok. Did Carl ever find anyone to mow your lawn?

One Happy Family said...

I have never heard of "mid - south", didn't know it existed! Anyhow - we need some pics. I would love to see your new digs.
We will be praying for your church hunting. I know that it can be a daunting task - but rejoice in knowing that if God put you there then He has it all figured out as far as your church is concerned.