Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Puppy Praise

I have a quick praise to you know, we had 9 puppies that we were praying would go to good homes. Well, we weren't getting any solid responses to ads we had put out, so we decided to stand out on a busy road (well the sidewalk), and hold up "Free Puppy" signs. Today I went out with a friend of mine, though the weather was poor, with hopes of finding good homes for at least one or two puppies. I took only 5 first, and within 20 minutes they were all gone!!! So, we hurried back and picked up the remaining 4, giving them away within 10 minutes!! PRAISE GOD!!! We had been praying about this ever since the puppies were born. It may seem silly, but we were burdened about them finding a good home, and the Lord provided. All of the people either had dogs at one time or currently and/or had children. They all seemed like very good homes for our pups. It was bittersweet, though, I will admit that we will miss their sweet puppy faces, but the Lord is good! We're back to a 2 dog family now. :)

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