Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Fun Project

Well, I have been quite busy lately, but not with anything particularly interesting to the outside world. : ) One fun thing is that I just made this diaper bag today. A friend of mine at church had made one for herself and gave me the pattern. I love the bright colors and the pattern was super easy! I was excited to make it because I hadn't seen any diaper bags I like, as I am pretty picky about bags (silly I know), and it's always fun to create something useful! So, here it is--my latest creation.

It is a fairly simple design, and a nice size.

The inside--there are some nice large pockets. It's also reversible, the design says, but then all your pockets would be on the outside, which I wouldn't find as useful. : )


Our Little Family said...

o o o i LOVE the bright colors too!! You did a good job!!! and it is okay about being "picky" about bags!!

Tom and April said...

very cute is it a pattern I could buy. I would love to try it out turned out so good. You did a great job!

Jenny B. said...


Yes, you could. It is a "Sew Baby" brand pattern and it is called a "duty bag" on the pattern. It was a super simple pattern with excellent directions, both verbally and in the pictures (which I need!). :)

Anonymous said...


I love your Diaper bag for the little one!!! Very bright and I know you will use it a lot! Only 100 days to go until my nephew is born!!!! Whooo right!


Sis (Holly)

Great Aunt Teresa said...

Jenny, The bag looks awesome. We will fill it up @ your shower. You did a great job. I know you two will be such great parents. Can't wait to see you both!!!! Love you!!!!!!!

PS - When saying Great Aunt Teresa, I am sure the emphasis is on the word GREAT!!!! (Ha-Ha)

Jenny said...

Oh Jenny, this is so cool! I love it! And it was super easy?! Wow. How awesome that you got to create your little one's bag!! I'm so glad you shared it!