Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Update

Our internet has been sketchy lately, and I've been a bit busy. : ) But, Will had his 2-week appointment last week and he is doing great! He is showing all the normal signs for a newborn his age, and gained a whole pound OVER his birth weight! So, I guess he's a good eater. : ) He weighed 8lbs 3oz, and his birth weight was 7lbs 3oz. Also, he is starting to have multiple wake times during the day, which makes him sleep more at night! YIPPEE! We are going home for a family visit this next week, so will post more pictures soon. For now, here is a peaceful sleeping baby.


Joy said...

VERY precious!!! He is a cute little guy!!
I guess Shane got to see your hubby this week. I was might jealous. :) But so glad he could stop in and see Shane. It made Shane's day! :)

Joy said...

Oh me oh my..that comment is supposed to say "mighty" jealous. Guess I shouldn't be jealous huh? :):)