Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Triathlon

A couple of weeks ago Carl and I took part in our first triathlon together. We did pretty ok. ;) It was my first, and Carl's second. This was what is classified as "sprint" triathlon--300m swim, 11mile bike, 3.1(5K)mile run. It was actually a fun time, and though I wasn't sure I'd ever like to do another, I think I will. I will, however, have to brush up on my swimming quite a bit before then! :) Carl's sister and family came and graciously took pictures for us. Sorry the pictures are in a weird arrangement...the editor was giving me issues when I was putting them in.  Here are a few...

Carl and I at the beginning of the race, before we started the swim.

Action shot of Carl swimming.

Carl starting out on the bike.

Me starting out on the bike.

Carl returning at the end of the bike.

Carl finishing the run (and the race).  Go Carl!

Me at the end of the bike.

Me starting out on the run (Carl was finished with the race by now, and was encouraging me at the beginning of my run--the last leg of the race).

Carl and I after the race is over.  Behind us is the blue inflatable archway of the finish line.  We didn't get any pictures of me coming in from the run, because I apparently was "too fast" according to Carl--he wasn't expecting me to be back as soon as I was. :) 

Our nephew Simon.  He was a patient little cheerleader.  What a cutie!


Joy said...

How cool!! That is just the neatest!! I am sure missing you guys! I hope all is going well. Love ya!!

Jenny said...

Wow, what an amazing feat! I can't believe you guys DO that kinda stuff... and on purpose! LOL... kidding aside, that is so wonderful that you both can do these types of things together. :) Love ya! Miss you tons!