Monday, May 2, 2011

The Happy Hunter :)

We thought it would be fun to have a little Easter egg hunt with Will just around the house, since we knew he would think it was fun.  Since we used plastic eggs, we put a little treat in each one, which was half the fun.  Will doesn't get candy, so for him to get little goodies in the eggs was super fun.  I took video of the hunt and have uploaded that, but I was helping and videoing, so it's a little shaky at times and a little long. It's included for grandparents and other die-hard Will fans (you know who you are).

I LOVE this picture..just the sheer excited joy on his face as he explores this sweet crunchy thing called candy!


Emily's Posts said...

Will is soooo cute!!! You all are such great parents!!! He is so very smart! I caught that "I don't know" from him!!! What a big boy!!

Jenny B. said...

Aw, thanks Emily! We constantly just try our best. :) Much of our parenting style and lessons we can easily trace back to our time at Westside. I look forward to seeing pics of the next baby H.!

Anonymous said...

As #1 diehard Will fans, we thought it was great! So much fun!
Pops and DeeDee