Monday, April 30, 2012

Camera Light Art

I took a photography class a while ago, where I learned more about how to use my nice new SLR camera.  One of the things we discussed when talking about shutter speed was this crazy light art you can do with a very slow shutter speed.  So, I experimented a bit when we were on vacation in the middle of the woods (space and darkness highly available).  Here's what I got.

These first three are Carl outside waving a stick that has an ember on the end of it.

Here I am inside using the fridge to try to make a heart.  It would be best if you could get outside and use the side of a building or something similar.


Jenny said...

Wow Jenny! That's so cool! I've never heard of doing any tricks on the fridge before!? Fun! I have used sparklers and set the shutter on super slow and photographed people spelling words. Love it!

Jenny B. said...

Ooooo...words!! That is a great one! I'll have to try that Jenny!