Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day of Museums

During our mini-vacation a couple weeks ago, we took a day and visited a couple museums in Boston that we wanted to take Will to see.  The first was the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  It was amazing in that it had more fossils than I have ever seen in one place.  Additionally they had MANY real-life stuffed animals to see.  It was pretty impressive (beware there are many photos in this post).

 The Harvard Museum of Natural History is apparently the only place to have the full fossil of this whale-like creature.  Pretty cool.

Can you find the hidden Will in this photo?  :)

Will loved listening to all the exhibits when the phone receiver.

Following the Harvard museum, we went to the Boston Museum of Science where they had a great area for kids just around Will's age to play.
This was like a huge "Lite-Brite".

Animal pelts.

Hamster Will.

Will was seeing how many turtles he could get on this paper bridge before it fell.  He stacked 14 on it before it collapsed!

He LOVED this.  It was a magnetic board where you could rearrange the pipes to shoot the balls through with air.

Walking back to the T after our day of museums.  Will did great walking on his own without complaint!

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