Monday, July 30, 2012


Will experienced a few "firsts" during our recent trip.  One of those was fishing!  He was able to not only fish for the first time, but catch quite a few while we were at it!  WARNING:  Picture heavy post! :)

Going out on the boat.

Pops is teaching Will the fundamentals of operating a fishing pole. :)

Touching a fish for the first time.

Reaction after said fish flapped Will in the face as it escaped cousin Kent's grip.

Cousin Simon bravely holding a fish.


Caught one!

Should we have it mounted?  :)

Love these pictures with Pops and Deedee.

Finally was brave enough to stick his finger in the fishes mouth after the face flapping incident.  :)

Too cool driving to smile for the camera.

Cousin Simon enjoying his turn at the wheel.  


Anonymous said...

Wow! Will is getting so big. It has been too long since we have seen you guys! Wish we could get together someday soon. How fun to go fishing. Zeke recently got to go fishing for the first time. He didn't catch anything but he had a blast. It was all would talk about for several weeks. :-)

Missing You,


Jeanne' said...


Way to go WILL!!!

Bud recently went fishing with his uncle & gpa at trident lakes on base....he had a blast!