Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Bunny

Will LOVES the snow and like most small children, seems to be impervious to the cold.  So whenever he can, he gets suited up and plays in the snow that we have outside right now.  When it first fell, Carl built him a snow tunnel in our yard.  He loved that.  At one point, Carl didn't even have an "out" door on the tunnel and Will said he would just crawl through and "bash through" the would-be door.  I am amazed that he is fearless in that manner.  He has also become more fearless with sledding.  Last year he did not want to sled at all, not even down very small hills in the yard (we did take him down a hill once and he did not at all desire to do it again).  This year he thought it was a blast and decided he would try a running belly-flop on the sled in the small hill in our yard.  Fun stuff!  So here are a couple videos and pics for our loved ones.  :)  **Please forgive the quality of the video, it gets quite degraded in the process of adding it to the blog...something about shrinking the size I think (I don't know much about how it works).  :)**

Here he was doing a little digging at our Pastor's house.  No, he did not dig that hole/tunnel on his own.  :)


Anonymous said...

Will is so cute! It is so fun when the little people are fearless!! some times it can be a bit scary though;-)
Love you guys, and miss you.

Anna Houston

The Potvin Crew said...

He is getting SOOO big! I love his smile! Miss you guys. Hugs, Grace