Monday, July 8, 2013

Beach Body

We went to the local beach here on July 4th and Will went CRAZY for the beach!  He hasn't been since he's really been old enough to enjoy the ocean, and we discovered that this kid is a little bit fearless when it comes to the waves.  He had so much fun, he was covered with sand, head-to-toe!  Even found it in his armpits??  He squealed with delight running from the waves and before long was throwing himself down, sitting, waiting for them to come up over him.  It was a great time.

Running from the waves.

He sat down, but the tide was lower than he expected, so he kept scooting toward it to sit in it. :)


Finally scooted his way into it.  :)

Running from the waves.

Will doing what we called "sand break-dancing".  :)

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