Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas 2015

This Christmas we had an especially special time, as Carl's parents were able to come out and join us for the holiday!  We've NEVER had family at our house for Christmas before, and this is only the second time we've ever had anyone on a holiday.  It was wonderful!!

Jadon received this plane with tools that he can use put together and take apart again.  He's done both many times over!

Hannah received a princess dress and...
a purse with a play phone, make up, and keys.  Here she is applying her "make up" while carrying her purse.
Will got a checkers/chess set.  He and Pops played several games of chess over a few days.
This year I decided to get crazy and let the boys make their own sugar cookies.  :)  They each had their own ball of dough that they rolled out, chose their own cookie cutters, and iced and sprinkled it on their own.  Mommy only had to help a little.
The boys thoroughly enjoyed licking the icing off the spatula and the bowl.

Jadon being cute.

Christmas day was in the 50's here!  It was lovely!  We weren't missing the "white" Christmas.  We decided to go visit a cliff walk near here called Marginal Way.
Will was the only one that got a group photo with his camera.

Pops, Deedee, and the grandchildren.
They had a lobster trap "Christmas tree", which I thought was fun.
It was a lovely Christmas!

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