Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping in the White Mountains

We recently took a couple of nights to go camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We had a wonderful time relaxing as a family, and enjoyed the amazing weather!  Since we increased our elevation, it was absolutely lovely, and cooler than at our house during that time.

We went on an easy trail hike up to these gorgeous waterfalls.  There were three that ran into each other.  

Daddy and the children resting at the top of the falls.

Another location we went to  that had many, many pools and rapids that you could "ride" down, or slide down the rocks.  It was packed!

Will found a huge rock to climb, as usual.  ;)

Here was our little spot in the "rapids" we found.  It was so lovely!

Daddy and Will went out to ride the easy rapids.  

Reading break in the tent.  Will reading his book to Daddy.

One of our essential pieces of camping equipment...the coffee percolator.  :)  

More favorites...mountain pie makers and melted hershey bar in a warmed banana!  Yum.

Our campground also had this lovely little river spot to play in.

The splash in the water behind Hannah is Will going in the water from the rope swing.  :)

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