Monday, July 10, 2017

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is only about an hour from here, so we made the trip when Carl had a few vacation days.  All the older children are tall enough to ride most everything (that they want to ride) either by themselves, with an adult, or with Will, so it was a great time, and a full day (their endurance has also increased with their height 😉).

Snack break.

Clara taking a rest while we waited with Jadon for the rest of the family to ride the log ride (Jadon and I rode previously and he decided he didn't need to go again).

My acrobat!

Daddy and Hannah with Jadon and Will behind them (Will's in the red shirt, Hannah's in the pink).

Hannah and Daddy sharing a swing toward the middle, and Will in the red shirt on the outside.

End of the day sky gondola ride back to the entrance.

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