Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Shoot 'Em Up Good Time

We had a family outing today. We found a range locally that holds IDPA matches 2 Saturdays out of the month, so today we participated in one. Today we participated in our first as a couple (Carl had done it one time before). IDPA is the International Defensive Pistol Association, and the matches at this particular range consist of 6 different "stages". Each stage is a run of a certain real-life scenario type situations, with different positions to shoot from at each. It's easier to understand once you see the pictures. We each shot at each stage, and there are other people in your group, so we got to watch the others go first, since we were the new kids on the block today. In the end, your score is time, and each miss or shot outside of a certain zone counts against you in seconds, adding on to your time. Whoever has the best time wins, but there is no real prize, outside of self-satisfaction, unless you are REALLY good. Everyone there is nice and everyone just wants to be better, so they are helpful and understanding. Also, there were two other women who shoot as well, so I was not alone, which was nice. : ) Anyhow, it was a good time, and the point of the whole thing is to have real people practice in somewhat real-life scenarios to prepare for it if someday you really are in it. And, it's just plain fun and great shooting practice! :) Below are a few pictures we took, but since we forgot our camera, they are from our phone, so not super quality, but pretty good for a phone.

Here Carl is showing his gun and magazines under his vest. We both wore vests, because part of being in a real-life situation is having your gun concealed on your person, and having it concealed in the match is part of the rules, to simulate this.

This was the 2nd or 3rd stage. This is from 25 yards, standing.

25 yards, kneeling.

This is one of the last stages, and it is a run where you start behind a closed door, open the door, pull out your gun and start. You then move through the door, hit a target on the run, and move to another place of cover to hit more targets. Many of the runs dealt with you on the move, and/or moving targets, while you were on the move (those were a new challenge!).

This is the last part of the above run.

Here I am taking cover behind a doorway, and attempting to shoot some "bad guys".

It looks like I'm walking here, but really I am moving fairly quickly (part of reality is not wanting to be without cover for long).

We had a good time, and are excited about again participating, becoming better shooters as we go. It's a fun challenge, and great target practice. This all reminds me, praise God for the Supreme Courts Ruling in favor of gun owners! Okay, my gun kick is done now. : )

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Jenny said...

Oh how fun!.. and kinda scary for me. I loved seeing you shooting up the "bad guys" That is awesome. What a great thing to practice. I really should learn to shoot and practice shooting our firearm...instead of having Dan just talk me through it every 6 months. It just makes me feel fearful to think of firing it just for practice.