Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Been A While

Well, I have been remiss on my blog posting as of late. Not too much going on here, so I thought I'd just report what we've been up to lately.

First, I have made the rounds to another consignment sale, and found a fantastic deal on a jogging stroller for only $15! I also found a bouncy/vibrating seat, which was highly recommended by you mothers who know. : ) We are really set now, outside of a stroller/carseat combo and umbrella stroller. We also will be getting a swing, but as a gift. Thank you again for all your great advice, mommies. I have continued to read it and will continue to use it for the future.

We are having a mission's conference at our church this week, which is a great time of preaching and learning about new missionaries.

I have been going through boxes and throwing out stuff we do not want to keep, or that we may sale at a garage sale. We are trying to thin out some things that we have not gone through in a while, including stuff from our college days. Ick!

Carl is training to run a marathon in April, working hard and running far. I will be going, but for moral support only. : )

Other than that, things are going well here. I am feeling much better, and am excited about progressing to 4 months today! Yea! We are working on names, and I think we have nailed down a couple, though I will not be revealing them until we at least know what we are having. : ) It is an exciting time, and we feel so blessed to be going through this gift called pregnancy.
Here's a quick pic of the jogging stroller--


Mrs. Pizo said...

Looks like a good stroller. It is exciting times. So have you had a hard time choosing names. I remember we went back and forth tons of times with Courtney. The second two were not so hard. Not sure why. Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Great deal on the jogging stroller!! I had been wanting a nice stroller and a jogging stroller but knew that was a bit frivolous, so I started praying that the Lord would direct me as to which one to get. Within a week, my husband went to take a load to the dump, and would you believe that someone had "dumped" one of each!! They were off to the side just waiting for someone to take them. There was nothing wrong with either one of them, exept maybe a few small spots of mildew on the basket underneath the seat!! I couldn't believe the find, but then again, God does care about our desires and our willingness to be "frugal" when possible!! Have a great day!

~Emily H.