Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just The Beginning

So I am finally starting to actually LOOK somewhat pregnant. : ) Though this picture is not the best, it shows how my tummy is starting to grow. The second one is a funny outtake---I sneezed right as Carl was snapping the photo.

I had another appointment today. Though I have not yet felt the baby move, the doctor discovered that it is definitely active as she found it's heartbeat. It was quite active when I saw it in the first ultrasound as well. This all leads me to believe that this child will take after it's father! High energy! : ) I have still only gained 1/2 pound since the last time I went in, and am still under my original weight, but the doctor said not to worry, as I am definitely eating more than normal, and when my body tells me to. So, that is the progress thus far. I will keep you posted!

Oh yes, and I have purchased one of those belly sleeves I asked about in a posting a while back. I just got to use it for the first time last night, and I agree with Cindee, I LOVE IT! It is SUPER comfortable and worked like a charm. So nice to have an intermediate between regular and maternity clothing.


Anonymous said...

You look so cute!!! It will be so much fun seeing the different "stages" you will go through!! I am thinking about getting one of those waist band things also! Glad to hear you like it!


Goetsch Family, Jr. said...

Congrats! I am sooo happy for you, and you look great as a pregnant lady. =) God is so good.

Jenny said...

Oh, it's so great to see you starting to show! I have to tell you - Dan walked in here as I was reading your blog and seeing the photos he asked, "Is she crying in the second one because of her shape change?!" LOL! I said, NO! She was sneezing! Hah...thought that was funny. I miss you and I LOVE that you posted these photos of you!! We need more. MORE I say! :) Love you and glad you are doing well!

Jenny B. said...


I totally laughed about Dan's comment! Too funny! :)