Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carl's Latest Race

Well, as some of you may recall, last year Carl and I ran a half-marathon, then Carl ran a full marathon, and since then has been running races with the Memphis Runners Club (around 2 a month). He has been doing great, and did fantastic in his latest race, which was a 5-mile race this last Sunday morning (they are always plenty early, so don't interfere with church). He received 14th place out of 69 and ran the race in 36 minutes and 51 seconds, that's around 7 min 22 s a mile!!! GREAT job Carl!

Below are a few uncensored pics of the race.

Quite a few runners showed.

A little past the 4 mile point.

Coming in at the finish (squinting because of sun, not immense pain : ) ).


Tom and April said...

Thats great. Good job Carl. How are you feeling Jenny, can we see some recent pics as you are soon to "pop" ;) So exciting...cant wait to see the little man.

Amanda said...

Way to go Carl!!! We hope all is well with you all! We will be praying for your up coming delivery! Love you!

Tom and April said...

Hey Jenny just wanted to check on you. Can we see a pic before you go into labor soon...or maybe I am too late :) Praying for you and baby. Does he have a name...or am I just forgetting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
It will be exciting to hear when your baby boy is born, and what his name is.
I will pray all goes well.
Teresa Olsen