Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Sound in the World

Will has become ticklish, which is a day we have been waiting for. He has been for a while but just lately we have been able to figure out how we did it and repeat it. Pretty fun. I think a baby's/child's laugh is really the best sound in the world. So, I of course had to take video. As usual you have have to forgive the angle, as I had to hold the camera and tickle at the same time. : ) Enjoy the laughter!


Joy said...

I can't ever get the videos to work on my computer, but wanted to say the Levi let out a great cackle today! :) Isn't it just the BEST?! :):) I love smiles and laughing. Their personalities sure shine through when they do.
On another note, we'll be leaving on Monday for AR so if you have a minute and can call, I'd love to try and meet up with you guys. Just let me know.

The Broxton's said...

I LOVE a baby's laugh!!! I can not wait until our baby starts to laugh!!

Anonymous said...

I also can't get the videos on my computer, but you are right, a baby's laugh is such a wonderful thing!! Ezekiel smiles and even lets out a little laugh when we tickle him. It is so sweet even though he isn't able to control it yet, it is just a reaction. But his smiles are on purpose and I love it!!