Thursday, December 3, 2009

From The Beginning To Now

I just saw this picture of Will in his first week of life, and was amazed at how much he has changed in just 3 months. Here is a quick comparison of then and now. The "now" picture is one taken while he is on the move, so not terribly clear, but it is a face I see often. : ) He doesn't slow down too much anymore, and is quite animated. He is such a precious blessing that continues to bring us immeasurable joy daily.


The Broxton's said...

cute cute cute!!! He has changed. I should do a comparison too. our boy will be two months on dec 11th. i see how much he has changed and how much he has grown (about 4 lbs in 2 months)! He is discovering his voice..and likes to use it A LOT..and during church too...because he hears somebody talking (pastor)! most of the time he let out a "yell" but it is not a crying cry...its a i am trying to talk but all that is coming out is crying! LOL!! you probably know what i am talking about!!

what a blessing sons are..children actually. it brings smiles to my face just looking at him.

i heard somebody say one will never know how much your mother loves you until you become a mother. i never relized how much care and love can go into someone. the birth of our son has brought my husband and i closer together as well as us closer to our families.

Jenny said...

Aw, Jenny... he is so handsome! He HAS changed so much in these 3 months, wow!! It brings me so much joy to read about how much being a mother brings YOU joy. Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! It is so fun watching our children grow! All the milestones. It is fun to watch them as they figure things out, the intensity on their faces and the the look of accomplishment when they have done it!!


I am truly blessed said...

He is soooo cute. What a precious baby. I love that look on his face in the second picture.