Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Today Will and I went to the zoo with a friend of mine and her little girls. It was Will's first trip to the zoo and we had a fun time. On Tuesday's it is free from 2-5, you just have to pay $5 for parking per car, so it was a good time for little cost, which is our favorite! The weather was nice-above 60 all day. Nice time, nice weather, a nice day.

Will and the girls in front of the zoo.  Funny how when I was taking pictures of just Will he didn't smile, but put two pretty girls by him and all of the sudden he lights up!  :)  He loved spending time with the girls today probably more than the zoo itself.  It's funny how even babies know other kids are like them, isn't it? (try clicking on the picture to make it bigger)

This was cool, though the picture isn't the best.  The bear was swimming in the water and was right next to the glass!  Pretty cool, especially since they aren't usually in the water and that is the only way we could see them that close.

The giraffes were so beautiful.  There were 5 of them, and they were all so majestic. 

Funny angle here, but I kind of liked it because of that...Will in front of the giraffes.  He was looking at them until I made him look my way for the picture.

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Amanda said...

What a nice day for going to the zoo! We love going to the zoo with the kiddos, it is one of our favorite things to do as a family! Thanks for putting up pictures!