Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reading Time With Daddy

We try to read Will a book every night around bedtime, and usually Carl is the one to do it. Well the other night he sat Will down next to him while they were reading and it was so cute, I just had to take pictures and share. It struck me as so adorable because they are sitting the exact same way, and you can see the great difference in their size. What sweet memories.


Anonymous said...

That is too sweet! Your little man is so adorable! It is great to see daddy having special time with baby! Z-man LOVES his time with his daddy! He just lights up when daddy is around! I can see Will does the same!


Amanda said...

He looks so precious! I love the memories of my husband with our little ones!

The Broxton's said...

At night time we will all get in the bed and lay down and we read a chapter of proverbs together. Bud just loves listening to us...he coos and smiles. I think it is very special for babies to have time with their daddy.