Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Sittin' Around

 Will has started to sit well on his own lately, so I thought I'd share a few pics of him sitting around on his own.  :)  He is 7months now, so becoming more and more capable and mobile.

This was an outtake, but I thought it was still worth posting.

Will is enjoying an Easter card he received in the mail here.  Our computer is having issues, so I was not able to rotate the picture, so I apologize for that. 

Will enjoying his Easter card another way.  : )  All 4 corners and the bunny's ears got this kind of "enjoyment" until Mommy had to toss it before it started to actually become food.


The Broxton's said...

wow he is getting so big!! so cute!! Where has the time gone?? Obadiah will be 6 months old next week!!

kristi said...

Ah so sweet. Our little Adam has been sitting up since he was a little over 5 months old. He is very close to crawling, but not wuite yet. but I love watching them try and reach milestones. Your little man is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Your little guy looks like his daddy! It is so much fun to see the milestones of baby! Zeke has been sitting well for a couple of weeks now- he is 5 1/2 months. He also surprised us with a little April fools joke- a tooth!! there really was nothing funny about it! Lol! None of my other children had a tooth so early! none of them sat up so early either though! He is full of "early" things. He is also trying hard to crawl!! Well, at his weight, I wouldn't mind if he just decided to get up and walk! Lol!!!

~Emily H.

Krista said...

Cute pictures! Even when you are not trying you are getting good teeth pictures. I can't get any for the life of me!
Simon also LOVES to eat paper... Playing turns to eating so quickly, doesn't it?