Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Super Shooter!

This past weekend Carl shot in his last competition before we move and he went out with a bang! ;) I wasn't able to be there, as I was taking care of our little shooter, but he and his buddies got some fun video, and the best part of all--he got FIRST PLACE in a category---Best Military Shooter!!! Great job, Hubby! Below is a fun video of one of the most entertaining stages and pic of his award.

Isn't that crazy? I mean, is it a fair ride/game or a shooting stage? And doesn't it look like fun?!?! : )


Krista said...

An amusement park with guns... sounds right up your alley! Nice job Carl.

The Broxton's said...

Good job!!

That looks like something my husband would enjoy doing! He just bought a gun =) so he is pretty psyched about that! He plans on going shooting A LOT more. He loves it!

Anonymous said...

I for one have never been able to understand this fascination with shooting and hunting...but congratulations anyway.