Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Roller

Will has been rolling back and forth for a while now, but I have had difficulty catching it on video (imagine that!). Finally I was able to get him on video, without taking forever. He is most comfortable from back to front, so that is what I ended up catching here. He was half-way there, but you get to see most of it. He is going for this Finding Nemo wipes box, that he LOVES. It takes a minute, but hold out, because the end is the best part. : )


The Broxton's said...

aww he is SO cute!! it looks like he has dimples!! =) cute!!
Obadiah was cooing while we were watching the video! My next goal is trying to get him laughing on video-he laughs..but it is so hard to get it on tape! you know! LOL!

Krista said...

"Look at me Mamma... I can roll and move around by myself. I hope you have invested in a good pair of running shoes... you're gonna need them!" -Will
Yep, Simon is rolling all around too. These crazy little tykes.