Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Official

Will is a walker.  Although he has been walking a bit here and there for a while now, but we hesitated to say he was officially "walking" until he started to use it as an actual means of getting around, rather than just hesitatingly making his way from one point to the next.  There was a sneak peak of him walking a bit in the last post, but here he as a full-fledged walker.  The beginning of the video is a bit dizzying as he is holding on to my skirt and turns a half-circle before taking off.  Please excuse the laundry explosion on the floor.  Will LOVES to whip around socks and towels, so he has a few clean strays for play.  : )


Tom and April said...

That's awesome YAY Will. I might get to see that walk in a few months. Looks like the Lord is seeing fit to move us to CT, not far, we will have to meet up and let him and Jax play :) By the way the video didn't show up...maybe my computer is acting up???

Tom and April said...

ahh..nevermnind its up now!

Jenny B. said...

Wow! Really?! It would be great to see you guys again!